5 Best Japanese Futon Pillows – 100% Natural and Cooling

Looking for the best firm Japanese futon pillows? They’re essential to getting the perfect night’s rest. Whether you are planning to buy a Japanese futon pillow to pair with your futon mattress and tatami mat or you are simply looking for an all-natural, air-cooling, and quality pillow, then a futon pillow is what you need.

A Japanese futon mattress typically is paired with a pillow called MakuraThe most popular is firm and minimal pillows are called “Buckwheat Hull Pillows”.

Buckwheat hull pillows contour with the shape of your head and neck. There is an adjustable zipper on the pillow for adjusting the amount of buckwheat inside the pillow so you can find your perfect comfort level.

buckwheat pillow

They are usually paired with a firm mattress such as the shikibuton (Japanese futon mattress).

The buckwheat hull pillow is the best supporting pillow to accompany with your Japanese futon mattress — double the comfort!

— Ready to find the best pillow for sleeping? See the best firm Japanese futon pillows below.

1. J-Life Buckwheat Hull Pillow – Japanese Soba Gara Makura 

First on the list is the J-Life buckwheat pillow. J-Life is a popular company that makes high-quality traditional Japanese futon mattresses. It’s not surprising that their Japanese futon pillows are also top notch.


This pillow is constructed from 100% cotton from Japan and includes a Japanese fabric matching pillowcase. Designed for optimal comfort and support, this pillow includes an invisible zipper for adjusting the level of buckwheat for finding your perfect comfort level.

The perfect companion to your Japanese futon mattress! Or simply lay down on your tatami mat, this firm pillow is great for your neck while the tatami mat supports your back. Constructed by highly skilled craftsmen, this pillow will definitely last a while.

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2. Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

beans72 futon pillow

Another popular choice is the Beans72 organic buckwheat pillow made in the USA. Constructed with 100% cotton and filled with 100% US grown organic buckwheat hulls, this pillow is an all-natural, perfect treatment and simple therapy for your sleeping problems.

Finding relief for problems such as tension or pain in neck areas couldn’t be a simpler solution. Includes extra buckwheat for you to find your perfect level of comfort.

This organic pillow is designed with a cooling feature that circulates air throughout the night, allowing you to not get too hot and getting a fresh, cool sensation throughout the night. The perfect futon pillow companion to accompany your shikibuton bed.

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3.  Zen Chi 100% Organic Buckwheat Pillow  

zen chi organic buckwheat pillow

The Zen Chi buckwheat pillow is the perfect buckwheat pillow for starters. Great value for quality and comfort. This pillow is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls that can be level-adjusted for finding the perfect comfort level. Designed with an air cooling feature that will leave you feeling fresh the entire night.

A simple solution to maximizing your neck’s support for a full night’s rest without tossing and turning. Pair this pillow with a Japanese futon mattress and get the ultimate night’s rest!

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4. PiloMio by Qbedding 100% Cotton Quilted Adjustable Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Have neck tension in the neck and looking for the perfect alternative to a super soft pillow? Look no further. The PiloMio by Qbedding buckwheat hull pillow gets the job done. It provides a firm foundation to satisfy your neck pain therapy.

qbedding buckwheat pillow

One popular opinion is that softer pillows make the best pillows because they provide the most optimal comfort and support—but that couldn’t be more wrong.

Harder, firm pillows are recommended to get a proper night’s sleep and optimal neck support—this firm pillow does just that. Great choice for a firm futon pillow. It is bigger than other pillows, however, they have two sizes to choose from.

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5. Bean Products WheatDreamz Neck Roll Pillow

Coming in the fifth spot is a neckroll pillow by Bean Products. Here is a pillow that is unlike rectangular shaped pillows but still gives you the same comfort and support as a regular buckwheat hull pillow.

beans product buckwheat neck roll

The neckroll pillow is focused on giving you the best neck support by contouring with your neck positioning.

The neck roll pillow is head and neck therapeutic, as you can see a reduction in neck pain, headaches, and head tension during the night.

Don’t like night sweats and waking up with sweat? The pillow is designed with heat reduction so you’ll be waking up fresh and clean. Perfect for both side and back-sleepers. Small and comfortable size to pair with a firm tatami mat or futon mattress.

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Final thoughts

The perfect firm pillow does exist!

All the choices listed here are great candidates to ensure you with a good night’s rest with optimal neck support and superior comfort.

Soft pillows are usually the popular choice but sometimes they often don’t feel right. That’s why people are making the switch to a firmer, and all natural option like the buckwheat hull pillow.

Looking for an all natural, Japanese bedroom set-up?

tatami bedroom

Check out the guide on buying a tatami mat to go along with some of the firm Japanese futon pillows.


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