how to be a minimalist tips
Looking for a collection of practical minimalist lifestyle tips that you can easily implement to live a minimal life of living with less stuff and decluttering? Then look no further. Simple living involves various distinctive practices to change one’s way of life. These may involve, for instance, diminishing one’s things, […]

75 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips (Throw Away Everything and Start Over)

A Japanese Platform Bed is a lesson in modern simplicity, elegance, and harmony. Adorned with sleek, clean lines and a low-profile solid panel to be a foundation for a Japanese futon or mattress. A Japanese bed frame’s low platform design creates the illusion of a “floating bed frame”.  Japanese Platform […]

Best Japanese Platform Beds — A Lesson in Simplicity

firm pillows
Looking for the best firm Japanese futon pillows? They’re essential to getting the perfect night’s rest. Whether you are planning to buy a Japanese futon pillow to pair with your futon mattress and tatami mat or you are simply looking for an all-natural, air-cooling, and quality pillow, then a futon pillow is […]

5 Best Japanese Futon Pillows – 100% Natural and Cooling

sleep on the floor sheets.png
Time to throw that old mattress out.  Sleeping on the floor is good for you, as many articles on the internet have pointed out.  Many people have difficulty to sleep on the floor comfortably if they’re first starting out. Sleeping on the floor provides benefits such as realigning your natural posture, increasing […]

4 Tips to Sleep on the Floor Comfortably

Going minimalist
Going minimalist Adopting a minimalist lifestyle and going minimalist is rewarding in that we’re able to focus on more important things in our lives and make up room for more. People believe that being minimalists mean getting rid of all the excess material possessions around us. Truth be told, getting […]

How to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle in 2018 – Going ...