Best Japanese Platform Beds | A Lesson in Simplicity

A Japanese Platform Bed is a lesson in modern simplicity, elegance, and harmony.

Adorned with sleek, clean lines and a low-profile solid panel to be a foundation for a Japanese futon or mattress. A Japanese bed frame’s low platform design creates the illusion of a “floating bed frame”. 

Japanese Platform Bed Features

The design focuses on maximizing floor space and creating an aura of open space—an essential concept in Japanese minimalist design and decor.

All of these features are essential to a modern-day platform bed. A Japanese platform bed is characterized by its floating bed, solid wood platform, and is often traditionally layered with tatami straw mats and topped with a Japanese futon mattress.

A result of this minimalist bed frame is that it doesn’t require box springs and is economy friendly. A true minimalist-inspired design that allows your bedroom to have the essence of pure zen, comfort, and tranquility.

Ready to learn more about the Japanese platform bed? Check out this list of some of the best Japanese platform beds.

Matisse Fujian Modern Platform Bed

Japanese Platform Bed

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The first leap into simplicity and elegance is this Matisse Fujan modern platform bed that includes 2 night stands. This is a king size, solid hard-wood bed frame that is designed with sleek lines and finished an espresso colored cast.

Constructed with a headboard and 2 color matching nightstands, this complete platform embodies the principles of practicality and simplicity. The platform bed frame also has espresso colored drawer and dresser you can add on to complement the platform bed. Add a Japanese futon and a tatami mat to create decorate your sleeping area as a true Japanese platform bed.

Getting into bed is simple, as this Matisse Fujian platform measures 7 inches from the floor, which makes it effortless to curl into your bedsheets after a long day’s work. This minimalist and purely functional bed is surely a bed to love as it will ease your mind as you peacefully transition to sleeping attire and get ready for your night’s rest.

South Shore Basic Platform Bed with Moulding 

Japanese Platform Bed

This is a simple and economical choice for a queen size platform bed by South Shore. Truly a contemporary design that looks great in any room with its minimal design. A minimalist would appreciate its economic value and no box-springs design. If you’re looking for a low profile and Japanese style platform bed, then this will be a good starter bed.

The South Shore Basic platform bed comes with a choice of 4 unique such as chocolate and natural maple. Decorate your room with rich lighting and color-matching furniture to allow the solid platform bed color to really shine. Layer it with a Japanese mattress to create a zen-like experience. South Shore has done an outstanding job in a cheap platform bed at a high-quality standpoint.

Prepac Espresso Queen Platform Bed

Japanese Platform Bed

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Here is a Japanese inspired platform bed that is simple, clean and good value for its price. Although it’s a cheap platform bed, it doesn’t take away the qualities of the bed frame. The platform is constructed with laminated composite woods and finally finished in durable espresso laminate.

The Prepac queen platform bed offers a sleek border and a solid foundation to fit a queen size mattress. A pure solid platform to serve as a quiet and simple wooden platform bed in your bedroom. A perfect piece to complement other oak furniture in your bedroom. The solid foundation of this platform bed makes it an exceptional high-quality queen size platform bed for its value.


In Style Furnishings Stella Modern Platform Bed 

Japanese Platform Bed

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A solid king size platform bed that fuses modern design with a contemporary style. Solid and durable frame to support a king size mattress. Immediately get better rest with this bed as it promotes an even-body distribution during a night’s sleep. Strong metal frame offers you riddance of tossing and turning in bed.

Comes in 4 beautiful and attractive colors: brushed gold metal, hammered black metal, brushed white metal, and champagne grey metal. Any color will certainly delight any bedroom with its minimalist and modern style.


Greatime Black Queen Platform Bed Black

Japanese Platform Bed

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A low profile and a minimalist platform bed that looks great in a dimly lit bedroom setting. This queen size platform bed by Greatime includes faux leather to deliver an elegant and comfortable sleeping experience. A wooden platform for stability and less tossing and turning at night.

Padded headboard added for comfortable support for reading, relaxing, and watching a movie while in bed. Greatime delivers a truly modern and simplistic choice when it comes to platform beds. Decorate your bedroom with dim lights and color matching furniture to create the ultimate bedroom experience.

Japanese Style Bedroom

For a true Japanese style bedroom experience, combine a Japanese platform bed with a shikibuton (Japanese futon or mattress), a tatami mat, and a Japanese futon pillow.
Each of these components adds a layer of comfortability and are a great choice if you’re looking for a simple and minimalist bedroom design.


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