EMOOR Futon Review: Japan’s Secret to the Best Sleep Ever

The EMOOR Futon Review

Imagine this: It’s your first time going to Japan, you’re visiting a country you barely know anything about, and your first impression walking into your hotel room is this, “Where’s the mattress?” That was my first impression of finding out that the Japanese sleep on the floor. My awareness of the EMOOR futon became apparent as I dove down the path of purchasing futon beds.

I’ve heard rave reviews of the EMOOR futon on the internet before I did more research on buying one online.

EMOOR Japanese futon
EMOOR Japanese futon

My experience of Japanese futons and floor mattresses are based on my previous reviews of other Japanese futons and actually sleeping on the floor in old Japanese hotels with tatami mats and traditional Japanese beds.

Therefore, this review will hopefully assist you in purchasing a Japanese futon that’s best out of the choices you have. This review on the EMOOR futon will be made based on my own experience and other consumers.

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of mindlessly searching for the best futons on sites like Reddit. I’ve also spent countless hours reading through customer reviews on Amazon before I’d hit that purchase button.

The goal of this review is to save you time in finding out if the EMOOR futon will suit your needs and if you should consider purchasing it.

First, which futon did I buy?

The futon I bought was the EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress Classe in twin size. I was planning to use it on occasions such as relaxing on the weekends or having it out house guests. The twin size came in at 39 x 83 in, a suitable size for what I needed it for. Otherwise, I would’ve gotten a traditional futon set that included a kakebuton and pillow.

How’s the price?

The mattress came in at a very reasonable price. If you take into account other online retailers selling genuine shiki futons and other sellers on Amazon, then EMOOR futon’s price starts to look very affordable. What’s even better is their 3-Piece Japanese Futon Set Classe, priced very reasonable and you basically get the entire futon bed.

Rating: 5/5

How’s the quality of the EMOOR Futon?

I’ll be honest, my expectations for the EMOOR futon wasn’t set to an extremely high standard. In regards to that, I’ve set my expectations lower for mattresses that come at an affordable price. This mattress, however, proved my expectations wrong and actually seems very well-made and the construction seems highly durable.

Rating: 4/5

Is the EMOOR Futon comfortable?

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, this mattress does just the right job by being both comfortable and cozy. The exterior of this mat is firm with a tad bit of cushioning which works well as a floor sleeping mat. It is also comfortable in the sense of being extremely versatile and portable–I can just fold the mattress up and store it in a closet with ease.

Rating: 5/5

Did the EMOOR Futon succeed my expectations?

For the price, yes, this Japanese futon came at a pretty low price point compared to other futons on the market. A real, authentic, and handcrafted futon bed from Japan can come at a staggering price of $400 or more. My expectations were clear and apparent: I wanted a bed that was lightweight, easy to store, and compact for my home.

I wanted a mattress that was low maintenance and would wash easily–since I was using it a lot for house guests and friends staying over, it would get dirty fast. Washing and maintaining the futon was easy, I would take off futon cover, throw it in the washing machine, and done. A pure and simple process of keeping the mattress clean.

And it comes with anti-bacterial, deodorizing and anti-mite processed cotton? Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner.

Overall satisfaction:

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Conclusion of the EMOOR Futon Review

It’s a pure and simple Japanese futon that I’ve enjoyed as a floor sleeping mat and as a couch for guests. Highly recommended for any person that wants to get into mattresses from Japan. EMOOR does an exceptional job of creating a product that fits the bill and is a joy to have in your home.

What’s more is that this futon is comparable to higher end, authentic futons that are higher priced. So if you’re looking for the best choice in deciding which futon mattress to buy and you’ve reached your tipping point, then you should consider the EMOOR futon.

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