How to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle in 2024 – Going Minimalist

Going minimalist

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle and going minimalist is rewarding in that we’re able to focus on more important things in our lives and make up room for more. People believe that being minimalists mean getting rid of all the excess material possessions around us.

Truth be told, getting rid of all your excess material possessions is an optionbut let’s not get carried away and take it one step at a time.

Minimalists focus on making time and room for more fulfilling aspects of our lives—experiences, freedom, and being better versions of ourselves. Removing our focus on excess material possessions is what allows us to put our focus on what matters the most—ourselves.

Live simply

Going minimalist

The minimalism movement is similar to a Buddhist monk’s Zen way of living. Get rid of all unnecessary things in your life. Create room for more essential things in your life.

Too often, we worry about unnecessary goals and stories that we believe we must achieve to live happily: designer clothes, expensive cars, high salary careers, etc.

In almost all cases, we are never satisfied once we receive get these things. It’s a false sense of happiness—or simply—a temporary source of happiness that begs for more. It’s an endless race that we are running with ourselves.

We burn ourselves out each time to receive our highest possessions. Then we do it again. And again. And again. We chase the things the possessions we want the most until it feels like it’s chasing us.

Focus on what is necessary

Going minimalist

Going minimalist means focusing on what matters. What matters to you will vary from person to person. The essential values that a minimalist lifestyle would make more room for would be freedom, relationships, mindfulness, money, productivity, and goals.

This is essential to going minimalist. Focus less on the unnecessary and focus more on what is important. Allow yourself to make decisions based on your feeling and not your expectations.

Less is more

This necessarily doesn’t mean to actually do less with your time—it’s the opposite. When we put more energy and concentration on one task at a time, we allow that task to be fully completed without rushing to the next task.

Too often, we feel completely swamped with tasks at work or school and we feel trapped in our schedule. Focus on the task at hand and you will feel that your time has opened up. Putting space between things will allow you to have more control in managing your time. Going minimalist will open up your schedule for more important things.

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