5 Simple & Easy Ways to Add Japanese Home Decor to Your Bedroom

How do you create the perfect zen and tranquil bedroom?

Adding simple and easy Japanese decorations into your bedroom can add Fung Shui and the essence of zen principles to where you spend most of your time (your bedroom).

Japanese Shikibuton

Too often, we tend to forget that we spend almost a third of our lifetime sleeping and staying in our bedrooms. With this in mind, it should be our sole duty to make our sleeping spaces a bit more relaxing, indulgent, and most importantly–beautiful.

The Zen Bedroom

Understand that Japanese minimalism encapsulates the principle of simplicity and minimal decor. Translating that concept into your home living space is essential for adding Japanese home decor to where you spend most of your time.

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Modern Japanese home design

Japanese home decor is a simple way to create a bedroom that looks extravagant and beautiful with minimal effort and decor.

Take this instance of a modern Japanese bedroom for example. Notice the simplicity in decor. The minimal color tones. The spacious distance between each item in the room.

The emptiness–no–the openness that fills the room, makes you feel calm and at ease. Why is this?

There’s something about the quality of being symmetrical and having a balance that flows so well that our eyes love. Not too many distractions or excessive decor, just the bare minimum.

Here are 5 simple and easy ways to add Japanese home decor to your bedroom.

1. Add simple & minimal lighting

Japanese desk lamp

The modern Japanese home utilizes light to add emphasis on other decorations of the room, often highlighting decorations such as wall art, plants, or furniture. Traditionally, the source of lighting in a Japanese bedroom would be provided from candles lamps and lanterns–providing a dim light that is not too bright. In the modern home, this principle of light sources not being too bright is utilized in Japanese living spaces.

Japanese floor lamps are the perfect addition to a bedroom since they are low, not too bright, and take up little space. For small spaces such as bedrooms or dorms, these floor lamps are an easy way to add a simple lighting source to your room without being too excessive or bothersome.

Here are a few good picks for elegant & minimal lights
  1. ZEEFO Simple Table & Desk Lamp With Fabric Shade and Solid Wood
  2. Adesso Dune chiere – Lighting Fixture with Satin Steel Accents
  3. Oriental Furniture Japanese Bamboo Shoji Lantern Floor Lamp

2. Beautiful and decorative Japanese artwork

Adding artwork to your bedroom can be beautiful and also an easy way to spruce up any room. Japanese artwork can be beautiful, creative, and exquisite.

Taking a look at traditional Japanese artwork, you would notice that Japanese artists during this time period illustrated and painted themes of nature, landscape, and traditional illustrations that depicted farmers, merchants, and samurais.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi Cats Woman readin

In contrast to modern Japanese artwork, in which the style is louder, more pop, visually alluring, and simply fascinating to contemplate about and also to decorate a bedroom with.

727 by Takashi Murakami (1996)

This style of artwork is utterly unique and different than any other art that can be found in an artist’s gallery. Paintings of this artwork style vitalizes the emphasis on creativity and dramatic color palette and tones, creating artwork that is brilliantly stunning and simply a joy to admire. In a minimally decorated bedroom, such a painting finalizes the decorating phase of the room and adds the finishing touches to bring everything together.

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Here are a few beautiful Japanese-style paintings to easily decorate your bedroom with:
  1. IglooArts – Trees and Birds – Framed and Ready to Hang
  2. Traditional Japanese Woodblock Bridge Over River
  3. wall26 – Beautiful & Vibrant 3 Panel Canvas Watercolor Art

3. A breath of fresh air with vibrant plants

Japanese bonsai tree
Lush, green plants provide the essence of nature and life to any bedroom. In addition, having plants in your room improves the air quality and is a breath of fresh air. Japanese plants such as the bonsai tree are unique to its origin and a simple way to add life to any room.

In addition to plants and greenery being a popular concept in Japanese artwork (as said above), this concept is shared across a modern Japanese-style home, too.

The Japanese Zen garden is heavily popularized for its tranquility and calmness that it brings to its audience. Taking that into account, having a small Japanese plant is a nifty way to bring the zen garden to your bedroom.

Here are a some beautiful and vibrant plants to liven up your bedroom
  1. Brussel’s Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree
  2. Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit – 4 Types of Miniature Indoor Trees

4. The minimalist color palette

Minimalist Japanese bedroom

The modern Japanese color palette uses minimal color tones and allows room decorations and plants to present vibrant colors. Earth color tones are heavily utilized and are displayed in furnishings and home decor.

Muted colors are used in wall paint and earth tones are shown in furniture pieces such as desks, drawers, bed frame, etc.

Here are a some miniamlist color home decorations
  1. Brussel’s Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree
  2. Nature’s Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit – 4 Types of Miniature Indoor Trees

5. The essence of simple & low furniture

Japanese platform bed

In a Japanese home, it’s not unusual to see furniture to be very low to the floor. A unique quality of low furniture is that it creates an atmosphere of open space. Perfect for smaller rooms, dorms, and apartments. Japanese low furniture can be seen in platform beds, tables, and chairs.

The significance of having low-level furniture close to the floor is that it allows you to sit directly on the floor. Typically, Japanese people sip their tea and have their breakfast while sitting on the floor.

Not only does it feel more natural to sit directly on the floor to enjoy your meal, but it also relieves you of space from removing chairs.

Here are some beautiful and minimalist home essentials
  1. Matisse Fujian Modern Platform + 2 Night Stands King (Oak).
  2. Wooden Japanese Low Table for Tea and Coffee
  3. ZEN’S BAMBOO Small Coffee Table Square Tatami Table

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