Living a Minimalist Lifestyle – Why You Should Start Now

Why I Started Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist just yet, as I have just begun my journey in living a minimalist lifestyle and believing in the concept of less is more when it comes to material objects and my perspective on life.

The reason I started this journey is that I often felt a sense anxiety in my life that would come in the form of stress and anxiety. This would go on to affect areas of my life such as relationships, health, and even career. There was an underlying problem that attributed to this excess feeling of anxiety and stress.

As I surged through the search results while typing in the search bar phrases such as “living with less stuff and decluttering” and “how to regain more focus in life”, I came upon the concept of minimalism in an article published onlineTotal eye-opener.

What I Learned About Living Minimally – So Far

The basic idea is to do more of what matters. Essentially, we’re laying waste to all the things that don’t matter to us and prioritizing the things that are most important.

Of course, there’s more to it than that, being a minimalist also explores deep topics such as relationships, mindfulness, and health.

Ideally, this would allow me to live my life being more organized, focused, save more money, and strengthen my sense of purpose in life.

How I Started to Live a Minimal Lifestyle: Less is More

Living a minimalist lifestyle


It started with how I began to question my past spending habits both online and in stores. As many others—or so I hope—I am not embarrassed to say that I have spent a good portion of my time browsing through and looking for items that I needed but always end up with 3 or more items in my shopping cart.

As amazing as it may seem, I always do this without thinking. It’s become a nasty habit of mine to buy more than I need, whether I need it or not.

I’m always thinking about the future, I tell myself. “Oh wow, a 12-pack of deodorant sticks for only $11.99? I may need to stock up on all 12 sticks just in case that earthquake hits us and we’re all locked up in our house and smelling bad!”

Although there is some truth to that mindset, I was lying to myself. It was a lifestyle made of fear and taking the things I already had in my life for granted.

Less is more. I need to value the things I already have my in life already and live in the present.

Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle So Far


how to start being a minimalist

Living life minimally, I started noticing simple outcomes such as having more control in my life, having a visually clean and organized desk and bedroom, living life with less money, being less dependent on technology, and putting more value to everyday details that the past me would overlook.

The one benefit that stood out to me was being able to place value on little details that I tend to overlook.

How I Will Continue Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

It’s only been the beginning of my journey and I would like to share more of my experiences living life more simply and some of the tools that I have used or will use that have helped me achieve a more simple lifestyle.

Things such as minimalist technology, travel, and lifestyle motivation will be my main focus point from here on out. I hope it will provide you with motivation on the minimalist lifestyle you wish to achieve.

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