How to Sleep on the Floor Properly – 7 Floor Mattress Ideas

Sleeping on the floor is good for youlike, really good.

But are you actually sleeping on the floor comfortablyor does it feel like you are sleeping on concrete? If you aren’t already, you should be aware of taking extra precautions when you decide to sleep on a hard surface.

Sleeping without a bed can be a huge leap for some, but for the Japanese, this is nothing new.

They have perfected the proper way to sleep on the floor comfortably and have actually made a bed on the floor look good.

How do Japanese people sleep on the floor?

japanese shrine cartoon

Well, they don’t actually sleep on the bare floorJapanese people sleep on an extremely thin futon mattress and sometimes a really thin tatami mat that lay on the floor.

If there are one or two things we can take away from the way traditional Japanese people sleep, it’s this–they make sleeping on a hard surface and without a bed very comfortable and enjoyable.

Why do Japanese people sleep on the floor?

japanese sleeping on the floor

To put it simply, Japanese people sleep on the floor because it doesn’t require a huge mattress that we’re very much used to. Having a thin, light, and portable futon mattress makes life a lot easier.

Similarly to living a minimalist lifestyle, Japanese people prefer a portable mattress that is used just for one purposesleep. Then they store the futon away to open up space in their bedroom.

How to Sleep on the Floor Comfortably

Sleeping on the floor may seem like a no-brainer task.

Simply toss some blankets and a pillow on the ground and you’re set, right?

For the veterans and experienced sleepers of the floor, that sounds like an ideal situation. But, for the rest of us, we need something a little more comfortableand enjoyable, at least.

Let’s get to some tips on how to sleep on the floor comfortably. You won’t feel like you’re sleeping on the bathroom floor after this.

Need some mattress on the floor ideas?

Here are some ways to sleep on the floor properly without making it feel as if you’re sleeping on concrete.

How to Sleep on the Floor Properly

1. Use a Yoga Mat as a Sleeping Pad

Yoga mats aren’t just for performing fancy poses. Yoga mats have a firm foundation with extra cushioning to make it an ideal sleeping mat for the floor.

If you’re first starting to begin sleeping on the floor, definitely consider yoga mats as an open option. The advantages of sleeping on the floor with a yoga mat are that they are dirt cheap and widely available to buy.

yoga mat for a sleeping pad

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Consider this yoga matif you’re looking for a cheap yoga mat to sleep on the floor with. For a price like that, it wouldn’t hurt to try sleeping without a bed.

2. Bust Out the Sleeping Bag.

Remember that sleeping bag you went camping with?

This tip was recommended by many members of a Reddit post that are living a minimalist lifestyle.

Sleeping bags, in theory, and in design are meant to be used as floor sleeping bags. They are the most portable bed you can find!

But—are sleeping bags comfortable?


Are sleeping bags a good choice to use to sleep on the floor?


The advantages of sleeping on a hard surface with a sleeping bag are that sleeping bags are basically a two-in-one floor bed set. You got your back covered with extra padding and you have the front of your body covered with the warmth of the sleeping bag.

These sleeping bags are designed to be comfortable at even the roughest surfaces, so your bedroom floor shouldn’t be a problem.

mallome sleeping bag for sleeping on the floor

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A good sleeping bag for starters is this one by MalloMe. Comes at a very fair price and looks pretty darn good!

3. Foam Pad for Sleeping on the Floor.

If sleeping on a yoga mat just isn’t cutting it and you need more cushion to sleep on the floor, then this is your foam folding mattress is your solution.

Say goodbye to your other mattress and hello to versatility, lightweight, and comfort.

The trifold foam mat folds and unfolds with little effort and is the perfect minimalist floor sleeping pad. Need extra space in your bedroom? This foam mat got you cover.

High-density cushion and compactness of the foam mat allow for an enjoyable and convenient sleeping experience on the floor. Just fold and store the foam mat in a closet in the morning!

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A great multi-purpose foam mat that is light, portable, and convenient is this one. Still having second thoughts about sleeping on the floor? Look no further.

4. Traditional Japanese Futon Set

Still wondering how the Japanese sleep on the floor?

When it comes to sleeping on the floor, no one does it better than the Japanesewho have been doing it for ages.

Enter the traditional Japanese futon mattress—the ultimate floor mattress.

Crafted with Japanese craftsmanship, the Japanese futon mattress is light, thin and designed for maximum comfort for floor sleeping.

A mattress that is not too hard, not too softjust the right balance.

Japanese Futon for sleeping on the floor

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Here is compact-sized futon by EMOOR that includes a comforter (soft thick blanket) and a natural-cooling pillow. EMOOR’S futon provides just the optimal amount of padding for comfort and firmness on the floor to support your back and realign your spine while sleeping.

A Japanese futon is a firm mattress that is designed for durability and longevity. Constructed with extra cushioning to provide the right balance of thickness and softness.

Benefits of sleeping on the floor with a Japanese futon

  • Simple and minimalist style bedding.
  • Good for your back and posture.
  • Green & Eco-Friendly.
  • Frees up space in your bedroom.
  • Light and thin mattress.

Sleeping on the floor posture matters

In one recent study, determining the best mattress for back pain is a mattress that contours to the normal upward curve of the back when lying flat.  An adequate mattress for people with lower back pain is a firm mattress pad with a soft cushioning on top.

5. Go traditional with a Tatami Mat.

What’s more traditional than sleeping on a tatami mat?

Tatami mats are used as traditional flooring in Japanese homes and as an underlay for Japanese futons.

Composed of thick, firm rice straw as the core foundation and covered with a soft woven rush straw for a solid balance of softness and thickness.

Tatami mats are known for their natural air breathability, which makes sleeping in the summer a breeze.

tatami mat for sleeping on the floor

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Here is a traditional tatami mat made in Japan that is compact, has a non-slip quality, and soft enough to make it ideal for sleeping on hard surfaces.

6. Roll up with a Portable Floor Futon Mattress

Want the comfort and firmness of a Japanese futon and the convenience of a sleeping bag?

Here we have a Japanese futon mattress that is designed with portability and comfort in mind. An all-around sleeping mat that can be carried around your home or for a camping trip.

These floor mattresses are padded with cushion and have a firm foundation for stability. Easy to roll up and provides support for your back and posture.

Best roll up japanese futon floor mattress

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Comfortable, cost-effective, and suitable as a minimalist bed.

7. Get Comfortable with a Thai Mattress

Feeling a little uneasy around the edges?

Then this Thai mattress is right for you. Intended as a massage mattress, this roll-up mattress provides comfortable padding while maintaining a solid firm quality of a futon that makes it suitable for sleeping.

Thai mattresses are hand-made with natural materials at a premium quality, so they can be a little more on the expensive side.

A beautiful, all-purpose floor mattress that makes a pretty fine addition to any home.

thai roll mattress to sleep on the floor

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Now that we covered on all the tips on how to sleep on the floor comfortably, what’s your take on the best way to sleep on the floor?


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